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Watch out for this ragdoll breeder.I bought a ragdoll from her that didn't breed, and died of FIP at 2 years of age.

She promised to give me the $1600.00 back that I paid for the cat, many, many many times, then came up with excuses. She has stopped answering her phone and emails, and will not do the right thing. If you are a kitten buyer, stay away from this breeder. She will not stand behind her kittens, and will find ways to blame you.

Cats are living creatures.

Things can happen, but it is how a breeder handles this with their customers, that counts.Bev Metz is unethical and unprofessional.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #689488

Oh, and in addition to my complaint below, my kitten had worms when I got her.She wasn't eating much in the first week I got her.

At first I thought this might be because she was nervous about being in a new environment, but after just a day or two she appeared to be well adjusted in every other way.

She also vomited a few times and appeared to have diarrhea a few times.I took her to the vet about 1 week after I got her after all this occurred, and I was told she had worms.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #689474

I had a similar issue when I purchased a Siberian kitten from this breeder.She stated that they didn't want to do early spay/neuter and to contact her to bring the kitten back at 6 months to be spayed.

I called her and e-mailed her numerous times with no response. Finally, my kitten went into heat one day. I knew I had to get her spayed asap, so ended up doing it and paying for it myself even though the spay/neuter cost was supposed to be part of the adoption fee I payed for the kitten.

I attempted to contact Bev several more times to get reimbursed for the spay (which was around $350), and she never got back with me.It seems that spaying/neutering their pets should be something a breeder should be more concerned with.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #684788

I purchased a very loving, beautiful ragdoll kitten from Bev 3 years ago.He is the BEST ever.

I received him in very good health and he remains in very good health.

I have NO complaints at all.I am planning on purchasing a second ragdoll kitten and it most definitely will be, without hesitation, from Bev!

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, United States #644080

How utterly ridiculous that this sort of thing continues.What a scam is right!

Lies, Lies and more lies that never go away. This type of thing should never be sllowed.

How many good people have their reputation ruined by just one crazy vendictive person, it should not be allowed to happen.Is this what they call freedom of speech, its wrong!!!!


The first complaint is just not true.The second complaint I never recieved any phone calls about a siberian kitten having any health problems , which leads me to believe this is fake and never really happened.

If this is at all true I would like to hear directly from this person and I will make things right. The third complaint is absurd, how can Bev metz buy a kitten and then complain to Bev Metz about it. Also written by a fake complainer.

I am a very reputable breeder and I have many many testimonials to attest to this.This is a waste of my time and others who bother to read it.


I bought a Siberian kitten from this breeder.He is my baby, but his kitten vet bills cost me more than he did.

He was sick, had parasites and had eye infection. Bev would not cover his vet expenses and did not seem to care when we discussed it over it the phone. He went to the vet once a week for the first two months I had him. He was also not socialized properly, but he is getting better as more and more people come to our house.

I have also sent in proof of neutering and have not gotten his papers yet to prove he is a pure bred. I am extremely disappointed that breeders are allowed to pull this ***.

Overall, thankfully my cat has a great personality and he is a joy.I feel bad for those of you who lost your kitties...that should never happen.

to Kbear312 West Bend, Wisconsin, United States #993890

Absurd, it is amazing to me how anyone can say anything they want to no matter how untrue and just plain lies, and use different names and continue the lies, it should never be allowed.


I purchased a kitten from Bev Metz during the same time period.My kitten died too.

She gave me tons of excuses, until I finally just gave up.Save yourself a lot of trouble, and look for another breeder!

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